02 September 2008

Bush Speaks (so hooray for speech therapy)

Tonight, the head of the Republican Party addresses the party faithful. If I could, I would ask attendees of the RNC one question: wouldn't you think that if Bush kept doing the wrong things poorly that these two would eventually cancel one another? If you continuously execute poorly on bad ideas, wouldn't you think that your failure to do the wrong thing would eventually HAVE to result in the right outcome? Even in politics, wouldn't it sometimes be true that two negatives make a positive?

Just wondering here.

"It is better to do the right thing wrong than to do the wrong thing right."
- Russell Ackoff


Lifehiker said...

I'm not so sure. Maybe sometimes.

In my former corporate life I had experience with one group that did execute poorly on bad ideas, over and over again. The outcomes were never good, but they sure spent a heck of a lot of money.

Bush spent a heck of a lot of money, too.

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I found your blog. That's all.

Jennifer H said...

That's all well and good until two bad ideas meet up after work one night, and one is all, "How you doin'?" And the other is, "Fine, how you doin'?" And then one thing leads to another, someone ends up in someone else's senate office...Nine months later, poof, a bunch of little bad ideas running around.

But, yes, I would think your way could happen.

CrazyCath said...

CommentLuv is so good - your post title caught my eye at Jennifer's. I was amazed that Bush spoke (as in "made sense") but then I am British, maybe I don't understand the language. ;0)

Personally, I guess two wrongs don't make a right. Bad - uum!

exskindiver said...

personally, i don't not understand.

Ron Davison said...

Well, I guess a person needs one of three things: good strategy or good execution or lots of money. So you are saying that Bush was actually one for three? Somehow that obvious detail had escaped me.

I, too, am glad that you're visiting R World.

Now you've got me terrified at the thought of the Bush legacy as bad ideas spawned by George's really bad ideas.

Thanks for visiting. I am sorry that you are feeling so confused. I could explain the Bush presidency but for it to make sense I think that you either have to grown up in the south or be seriously drunk.

This doesn't not surprise me.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Let's test this theory out...Last night for example, all I heard was braying. And furthermore, Bush looked like he was suffering from a bad case of constipation. Two catty negatives right there wouldn't you agree? Let's watch them get together and make nice or good, become complimentary... whatever What? It ain't happening? Give it a little time. As long as the Republicans have been in power at least.

Ron Davison said...

your mention of braying instantly makes me think of Fred Thompson. I was listening to his speech last night and had to wonder what percent of his claims were meaningful or testable. Noise.

jen said...

the whole thing made me wince. but then again the last 8 years has made me weep.

Ron Davison said...

a wince is better than a weep. Things must be looking up, he said, trying desperately to convince himself that this is, indeed, the case.