30 August 2008

Today's $200,000 Idea: Rent a Paparazzi

Every week, thousands of adults and kids rent Limos for special occasions. Whether it is sleeping on 800 count sheets for a few nights in 5 star hotels or eating $25 salads and drinking $500 champagnes, there is great demand to live like a celebrity, if only for an evening.

So, in one of a series of aperiodic postings of business ideas, how about a Rent-a-Paparazzi service? You go out for the evening and feign disgust with the horde of (okay, depending on what option you choose, two to six) photographers who hound you, following you as you try to enjoy a pleasant evening dining out, dancing, or even just grocery shopping with your new infant.

This sort of attention from obvious paparazzi ought to instantly establish you as a person of consequence, a celebrity that the folks in your vicinity really ought to recognize, if only they could remember your name or on what show they saw you.

Rent-a-Paparazzi. How anyone has previoulsy felt special without such a service is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

That could really impress a first-date.

Ron Davison said...

Now that I had not thought of. Just think of all the misperception I could cause if only I could be 19 again. Quite hilarious.

Gypsy at Heart said...

I feel like I should be listening to a song when I read your $200,000 post ideas (wasn't it a hundred thou before? - but I digress). A song with a chorus that says something like:

"Take it to the bank - dobedobedoo
Take it to the bank and you know I
do. Dobedobedoo."

Just pretend like you're hearing it every time one of your little marvels hits it right on the money.

Jordan said...

and for those who need a little excitement and/or discipline in their lives, there's always "Rent-a-Nazi"...

Ron Davison said...

The price of the idea (from million dollar to $100,000) reflects my own vague notion of what it might be worth. I will try to hum this song. Does it have a bass riff I should know about?

Very clever and funny. And why not, really?
(I wonder if Adolf's father's nickname was pappanazi.)