25 August 2008

Sandi the Guest Blogger

I’ve high jacked Ron’s blog to post the 25 (of the many) reasons that I love Ron for our 25th Anniversary.

To have and to hold (the best of the promises)
Connecting spiritually
Life long learning
Life long dining adventure
Involved parenting
Laughing at yourself
Making me laugh
Saturday mornings
Beach walks
Exercising together
Reading out loud
Giving helpful feedback
Love letters
Gorgeous legs
Private road trips
Being “fordy-seven”
Being a hero to my students (and me)

Wow, that is 25 already. I barely got started! I am absolutely delighted to be with you Ron. Here’s wishing us many more years (and reasons) to be together!

I love you dearly,


Gypsy at Heart said...

Sandi, all I can say is that after 25 years, tthose sound about the best and most important reasons ever. I think it is no secret to all of us who read Ron regularly, that the kind of person he is reflects the wellspring of love he bears for you and your children. May that always be so. Congratulations again to the both of you on the anniversary and hijack more often. In fact, give Ron a run for his money and start your own blog! I'll design a better header for you (promise). Regards, Milena.

Norman said...

Sandi & Ron,
The world is a much better place with you both in it!! And it's better still because you're together.

Congratulations . . . and may you be blessed with at least another 25yrs together.


chesca said...

happy anniversary to sandi and ron.
ron, your wife is sweet.

Ron Davison said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I guess one sign that you love someone is that you feel fond towards people who are kind of the people you feel fond towards. (Wait. Is that circular? I hope that you all knew what I meant, because I'm suddenly unclear.)

Why does Sandi always get the better banners?

Yes she is.

Thanks to all three of you for making Sandi welcome at R World.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Silver!
- Karen

texasholly said...

This is just the sweetest.

A very smart doctor I worked for said that you can always judge a man by his wife.


Ron Davison said...

Thank you. I like to think that the silver at my temples does make me look more distinguished.

You can judge a man by his wife? I suddenly feel so relieved. Wow. Thank you. Again. And that Blog-Stedman must be quite a guy.