29 August 2008

Just Say "NO!" to Same Sex Presidencies

What follows are excerpts of an exchange of emails with my friend Damon. In fact, given that we both blog, you might even call us "e-males."

I’ve decided that since I dislike both Obama and McCain….
I’m voting for Sarah Palin.

I just like the fact that McCain is offering such a stark contrast to the same-sex ticket of Obama - Biden, giving us voters the choice of a heterosexual couple.

I agree! The presidency should be between a man and a woman. And I’m all for a constitutional amendment that keeps same-sex presidencies out of the White House!


texasholly said...

You had me at e-males.

The whole thing made me laugh.

Damon Grant said...

darn. You beat me to this blog Ron. Kudos.

Oh, and on a related unrelated note, i'm going to start a new facebook group. "PTA Moms for President!"


Jennifer H said...

E-males. And the rest. (Okay, so you got an audible laugh out of me at one in the morning...)

Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

I write so much about same-sex marriage, and sometimes I have no idea why I care so much. But this post is worth being up at 4:30 in the morning.

Ron Davison said...

wow, to make a serious woman lik eyou laugh is a feat. Seriously though, I'm glad that you found it funny. (Can a sentence start with serious and end with funny? Did I just bend some rule of grammar?)

I think you'd be safe to post this (or something like it). Pollsters assure me that the only overlap in our 12 readers is Byers - and he only reads on the third Thursday of every month.)

1 AM laughter. Are you telling me that sleep deprivation helps to make this more amusing? Thanks.

Wheels on the Bus,
Welcome to R World and I'm glad that I took the sting out of the early morning. Your post about Jacob working an extra 7 years (a variant on this) was quite brilliant, so I'm happy that you found this worth commenting on. Thank you.

exskindiver said...

not that there is anything wrong with it.

Life Hiker said...

I think it makes all the sense in the world to have a beautiful young woman with five children be the new vice president. Why?

- She's too busy making lunches to make much mischief.

- She knows how to scold!

- No risk of PMS for awhile.

- Dull meetings are much more interesting when she's there.

- She'll keep old John young by osmosis.

But I've been doing a lot of gluing tonight...

Ron Davison said...

We can only tolerate so much toleration.

This me laughing. I wonder if we could put, under R World sponsors, "brought to you in part by the good folks at Elmer's." Actually, your list was funny even before your punch line.

Ben said...

Not to mention how afraid we need to be of interracial Presidencies. GAH!

Ron Davison said...

Fear of miscegenation could be one reason that the McCain Palin ticket has surged in the polls. I'm sure that is a factor.