15 August 2008

Me-Tube - Musings, Part 4 in a series

YouTube has become a part of the culture. Now it is time for derivatives.

Me-Tube - videos of people trying desperately to keep up with trends and celebrities.

Out-Tube - Outing men who are trying to hide their sexual orientation from family and friends.

Inner-Tube - a series of quiet videos designed for the introspective viewer.

Eu-Tube? - videos of Roman tragedies

You-Two! - videos of couples who are "so in love" that they make their friends feel like retching.

You-Boob - could either work as a video of pratfalls from clowns or a collection of topless vignettes.

Jew-Too! - Jews share funny or poignant events that everyone relates to.

Boob-Tube - summer fashion videos

Glue-Tubed - riveting drama that plays out through a series of cliff-hangers.

Groove-Tubed - psychedelic and hippie videos, a celebration of the late sixties and early seventies.

Ewe-Tube - videos of grazing sheep

Eww!-Tube - Videos of gross behavior and dangerous stunts.

[Co-created with help from Sandi.]


Jeff said...

I came up with the great idea of JewTube — which I thought would be where I would make my millions —, but it turns out it already exists, exactly how I imagined it.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Veeery Mel Brook-sian the both of you. I enjoyed this so much. My favorite? Inner-Tube. There's a market for this... I'm telling you.