18 August 2008

Your Faithful Correspondent and Blog Author Reports from Cancun

Here, in no particular order, are pictures and commentary from our family vacation in Cancun.

This is the reason for the trip - my favorite wife. After 25 years, I'm beginning to think that perhaps hers is not just a passing a fancy. Like the rest of us, she enjoyed this ancient Mayan tool designed to lower blood pressure.

The adults formerly known as children joined us on our anniversary adventure. They've been a fairly big part of the marriage - it only seemed right to invite them along to celebrate with us.

The Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza were really spectacular and gorgeous in spite of obvious neglect for centuries.

The Mayans were incredibly advanced - roughly on par with ancient Greeks and Romans in many areas. Their knowledge of astronomy allowed them to make a calendar that only needed to be adjusted every 52 years (instead of every 4, like our own). They were advanced in math and science, performed brain surgery and eye surgery and yet their civilization collapsed. I'm pretty sure it was because they never mastered air conditioning. It was hot in the jungle.

Within Western Civilization, advances are usually attributed to one man. Galen developed 130 of the 150 basic surgical techniques still in use today before he died in 199 AD, for instance. By contrast, it seemed that everything I was told about the Mayans was about the Mayans - not any specific genius. Here, though, is evidence left behind by the unnamed genius of tic tac toe. Even though he gave his opponent twice as many turns, "O" (as we'll call him) still won this game, immortalized in stone.

If you look closely, you'll notice three pillars in the foreground that look amazingly life like. It wasn't just the Greeks and Renaissance Italians who mastered sculpture.

Do you suppose it is a blogger thing to talk too much - even when someone is trying to take your picture?

Sandi and I cheated on our marriage: we took our anniversary trip about 2 weeks early.

I think that Jordan may have spent more time in the hammock than she did in her room.

I got my first ever manicure. I'm pretty sure that the cure didn't take, though, as just hours later I was happily back in our room watching an action movie and wondering aloud about where a person might find ribs at this resort.

We enjoyed the snorkeling, the sun, the excessive relaxation and getting our pictures taken next to ancient ruins that made us feel young by contrast. And we're glad to be back in San Diego. (And by "we," I mean my family who did not have a mere 14 hours at home before heading back to the airport to fly across the country to work with a client.)


slouching mom said...

ahh... looks like a lovely time was had by all.

now you need to try a pedi.

Ron Davison said...

You're suggesting that once I've been cured of this man thing I should seek what kind of cure?!

Anonymous said...

that peter pan collar looks absolutely stunning on you.

Ron Davison said...

Well anon, it could be because it is not a Peter Pan collar but is, instead, a shock collar. Quickly tiring of my metrosexual jokes, the staff put this on me with a warning. Note that I was not talking.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Glad to see you refer to your children as adults. I'm about to turn 39 - my sister will be turning 35 and yet, my mother and father do insist on referring to us as "las niƱas," the girls. Quite frankly, I don't know what I'm complaining about. At my age, I should be delighted that at least someone other than my husband thinks of me in these terms. Handsome family you have Ron. The vacation looked amazing. Congratulations again on the anniversary. And as to the manicure? Well done!

Ron Davison said...

thanks for the compliments. And yes, if I could find someone who called me sonny, I think that I'd swing by his porch or her diner counter at least once a week. It is nice to have at least one person think of us as a kid.