11 August 2008

Work or Play - Musings, Part 2 in a series

She wanted to work on her relationship with him, which was a pity, really, because it kind of missed the point. She was playful and if she wanted the relationship to thrive she wouldn’t work on it – she’d engage him in play. He had enough work during the week and didn’t need to couple that with working on his relationship. If she hadn’t tried so hard to work on her relationship, she might have seen this.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Perfect nugget of insight. Once, I recognized this mistake just a little too late.

Jennifer H said...

She should have read Part I of your Musings...

Anonymous said...

this actually hit me.

Ron Davison said...

I'm glad to offer nuggets although I hear that there is more money in dirt. I'm thinking about turning R World into a scandal rag.

this hypothetical woman has not yet visited R World.

hitting is a separate issue, one I don't address here.