26 August 2008

My Favorite Line of the Night

Tonight at the DNC, Governor Ted Strickland, of Ohio recounted Molly Ivins' quip about George H. Bush, "He was born on third base and thought he hit a triple."

Strickland said, when George W. Bush came in to office on the heels of Clinton's debt reduction and an economy that had created 22 million jobs, "George came into office on third base and then stole second."


Anonymous said...

and to finish the quote, ". . . and John McCain cheered him on every step of the way!"

Jennifer H said...

Oh, those are good.

Ron Davison said...

McCain is indicted in this whole Bush fiasco until he gets up and says, "George was a bad, bad president," we ought to be skeptical about his judgment.

yes they are.