21 August 2008


He had already dropped out of the race by the time that we Californians held our primary, but I voted for Joe Biden anyway. He won my vote because he talks like a real person and was the first Senator who bothered to point out that Iraq was not working out so well and then the first Senator to suggest a plausible alternative to shooting all the bad guys until no Iraqis were left standing.

Biden is no saint and his willingness to talk openly has gotten him into trouble. But his judgment seems sound and the man has a good sense of foreign affairs.

About five months ago, I took one of those on-line tests to determine which of the candidates best matched my own views and positions. I've done this in past elections and then, the highest ranking candidate would match my own views by about 60 or 70%. Obama matched mine 100%, which I actually found frightening.

The prospect of an Obama-Biden ticket pleases me nearly as much as the prospect of an Obama-Lama ticket. This is me with my fingers crossed.


Jennifer H said...

Mine are crossed, too. Though was disheartened to hear (sometime in the last few days) Biden say that he wasn't the pick. He was my choice, and I wish people had the good sense to pay attention to him when he was running.

I would love to see him on the ticket. His ideas on Iraq are the best I've heard, and make the most sense.

Though it's not so easy to come up with a clever theme song for Obama-Biden. :-)

Anonymous said...

Last week McCain floated the idea of a pro-choice running mate, and Obama floated the idea of a pro-war running mate.

Now when they make the safe, sane, sensible choice, their supporters will be all happy. They hope.

Gypsy at Heart said...

All I know is that even if Obama picked mini-me, I'd still be voting for him. Obama-me. I think that has a nice ring to it don't you?

Jennifer H said...

I had to stop back to say...

If Obama doesn't have the good sense to choose Biden as his running mate, I hope that he at least makes him his Secretary of State if he's elected.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Since the Obama-Lama slate isn’t Constitutionally possible, I concur with your second choice!

Dave said...

Jennifer has a point. Biden would make a better Secretary of State than VP, announce it now, get him on board as a campaigner and pick one of the toss up state VP candidates for the VP slot. Best of both worlds.

Ron Davison said...

yes, it is sad when the change agents feel compelled to match the moves of the folks they're claiming to be different from.

Your comments prompted a new post. That is cool (for me at least). Thanks.

pretty funny. That might be the ultimate test of support. Would you vote for him even if he chose you as his running mate?

I wonder, though, if the Lama could claim a former life born on US soil if he might qualify for a run as president or VP?

Dave! Dave! Biden is it! News break. How cool that Obama is reading my blog. I had no idea! This is me doing a little jig.

Daryl said...

Ron, it is scary that when I do those election things the candidate who came out lowest of all time for me matches your highest. We could maybe make a good bi-partisan ticket if it wasn't for the whole need to somehow get elected with me dragging down the ticket...

Ron Davison said...

How do we have such great conversations when your politics are so off?