25 September 2008

First Day of the Last Year

It is the first day of school. For my daughter's last year as an undergrad. Sigh.


slouching mom said...


Gypsy at Heart said...

What a beauty... you've made me feel such nostalgia for a time when I know my R will be as grown up as your daughter and, he's not even 4 yet!

That's a beautiful photo of J Ron. May she someday give you and your wife grandchildren that help to remind what it was to hold her just like this, in your arms.

exskindiver said...

what a cutie indeed.
thank goodness Sandi has great genes.

Ron Davison said...

S mom,
Thank you.

I don't know whether to say thanks for such warm wishes or to cringe at the thought of becoming a grandfather. I do hope that it is still some years off.

Not just her genes - I'm thankful that she had a clue about how to raise children. I did not.