01 May 2009

Clues that You May Be in the Midwest

I'm flying home yesterday, connecting through Kansas City, MO. A man and woman about my age are sitting next to me, talking for most of the 2-hour flight. He's found an audience and is sharing whatever stories he thinks might impress her, detailing money he's spent on things like his kids education and Caribbean vacations. Towards the end of the flight, an apparent feeling of intimacy allows him to share his feelings about politics. After talking about his disdain for all things San Francisco, he supports his point by sharing his hatred of Nancy Pelosi. "I was watching her on the TV the other night and I just said, 'This country would be so much better if someone shot her.'" And I'm guessing that he'd advertise himself as a law and order type, in spite of the obvious comfort he seems to take from this alternative to democracy.

Then, as I'm actually in the Kansas City airport, I overhear a man walking by. Once again, a man who seems to think that his views on politics will somehow please the women he's with.
"They said that when an African-American became president, that would be the day that pigs would fly. Well, swine flu."


nunya said...

Oy. Welcome home :)

Anonymous said...

It may be safe to say that those views may not be limited only to people who reside in the Midwest.

Lifehiker said...

My home town newspaper today mentioned a recent poll that found, nationally, that only 21% of registered voters are republicans.

I guess people get nasty when they feel left out in the cold. So, maybe the jerk who spoke of shooting Pelosi will freeze to death, but I certainly wouldn't want to wish it on him.

PlugNPlay said...

That is some kinda nasty pun, Ron.