08 May 2009

The Leading Cause of Dementia?

The Republican Party recently turned to Jeb Bush to help them decipher what they have gotten wrong. It is hard to imagine a move less likely to help them get things right.

Then, the conservative pundits who threw their support behind a presidential candidate who didn't know how many homes he owned are using Obama's request for spicy mustard as proof that he's not really a man of the people. (Can you imagine Sean Hannity's questionnaire for determining whether someone ought to be granted security clearance? Have you ever eaten a taco? Vietnamese spring role? Matzo ball? Miso soup? Why?)

Soon, studies will show that these conservative pundits cause as much brain damage as sniffing glue and will come with a warning, like cigarettes. Until then, the radio-listening habits of many of our elderly will continue to facilitate the dirty work of dementia, creating confusion about causation and relevance.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Obama could find the cure for cancer and Sean Hannity would still find fault with him. As an oft-time critic of Obama myself, I personally find Mr. Hannity disgusting/no more thought provoking than a clown.

nunya said...

lol, thanks :)

Big Al said...

When you have nothing of importance to say, when you have nothing of substance to say, you grab hold of a non-sensical, "who cares?" item and milk it for all its worth. It says a lot about FOX News when the best they can deliver in the form of criticism of the Obama Administration is focusing on what condiment President Obama uses on his cheeseburger.

Hannity is no better than Limbaugh or any other talk-show radio host who attempts to make waves by launching sensationalist attacks, making comments designed only to stir up emotions. It doesn't take brains to verbally abuse w/o any foundational support, as Hannity easily shows.