23 May 2009

Just Keep the Change, Thanks

"Would you like change?" the waitress asks as she scoops up the small folder with her bill and my payment. And I realize, right this instant I can't really think of anything that I'd change.

Maybe politics is inevitably loud and obnoxious because it brings out the folks who've decided not to be content. Protesters are not happy people - or at least they are not happy in the moment they step into the political arena.

If you want something in the market, you make a good consumer. If you want something in your community, you make a good citizen. If you want nothing, there is little anyone can do with you. Contentment undermines economic growth and promotes voter apathy.

Today is Saturday. I'm taking the day off from protest, from politics, from economic musings. I am content just to be home on a beautiful day. And somehow that feels deliciously seditious.