29 May 2009

Weekly News Opera

What if the backstreet boys got back together to lampoon the news in a mock-opera style? Okay, so other than every Sunday morning talk show, what would you have? That's right - you'd have this.


Anonymous said...

Got back together? The Backstreet Boys haven't broken apart...perhaps you mean nsync? or 98*, or any number of OTHER boybands, but Backstreet is still together, still making albums and still touring....check out EXTRA for their most recent interview 2 days ago.
Scroll down on video list to the right of page...Tara


Anonymous said...

this could probably get more viewers than msnbc!

Gypsy at Heart said...

What a sensational video. Wow! I loved the clips they chose and the Eiffel 65 sound. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Friggin' AWESOME!

And yes, if this guy has a youtube channel, he'll get more viewers than keith olbermann any day.