13 July 2016

I like to read comics, do a little sewing, and then cry - How Liberals and Conservatives Differ In Sex, Love & Hobbies

OKCupid releases fascinating data about how Americans present themselves. As it turns out, we neatly fit into stereotypes. Conservatives like hobbies like going to shooting ranges and fixing things and liberals like museums, yoga, and crying. (Does it make me a moderate or very liberal if I'd likely cry if a date tried to make me do yoga or go to a shooting range?)

Political leanings matter because a record 50% of Americans say that they could not date someone with conflicting political beliefs. A record 25.5% say that political ideology is more important than physical attraction. 

Above (click on it to make it larger) is the word cloud about popular activities for conservatives and liberals, further divided by whether they are or are not open with feelings. I find it amusing that repressed liberals are as likely to sew as screw for hobbies. All those bottled up feelings might find an outlet in making clothes or in tearing them off. And maybe the sewing is just done in the aftermath, wardrobe repair. 

On a possibly related note, Harper's Index reports,

  • Average age at which an inmate in federal prison first fired a gun: 13.2
  • First had sex: 13.7

Much more OKCupid data in the form of word clouds by topics is here


Ben S said...

I'm a really big fan of motorcycles, sports, and (increasingly with age) fixing things. But I'm also not afraid to tell people that I really love napping, hiking, and museums, and I'm not entirely afraid of crying. Somebody tell me who I should vote for, I can't tell from this.

Ron Davison said...

Ha! Now I'm confused. I think this is more about which candidate you'd date. Ben.