05 July 2016

The Odd Logic of Voters Who Believe that All Politicians Are Liars

And this is fascinating. If you believe that all politicians are liars then here is where that takes you.

Every outrageous thing that Trump promises (e.g., religious test for anyone wanting to enter the US or even anyone living here or dropping nuclear bombs) he's actually lying about.
Every reasonable thing Clinton promises, she's lying about.
Therefore, Clinton is not an intelligent, reasonable candidate but is instead dishonest and Trump is not crazy but is instead just lying.
So, given all politicians are liars, you have to support the guy who says the most outrageous stuff because he's not the one who'll do outrageous stuff - it's the one who promises to be reasonable.

Which isn't at all an outrageous thing to believe but is in fact quite reasonable. Or maybe not. Even bloggers might be liars. Right?

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