31 July 2016

The 2 Kind of Statements Trump Makes

Trump makes two kinds of statements, both with great confidence. The one kind can immediately be proven false (this from ABC):

The other statements can't yet be proven false.

It's also worth noting that Trump's inability to stay quiet during the Democratic National Convention - his compulsion to have the spotlight shifted to him - is what we will look back on as his fatal flaw. Tired of being ignored, he has made a series of outrageous statements this week, statements that likely mean his steady drop in the polls to his huge loss in November.

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Bald Al said...

You're taking the time to review Trump in detail, to then point out serious issues with him as a viable Presidential candidate. This is all well and good, *BUT*, to many who will vote in November, they're only hearing and seeing what they want to hear and see. Like Trump "says it like it is!" while Mrs. Clinton is a long-time politician who, according to both Trump and the GOP, is prone to lying and obfuscating and misleading. Even though Trump continues to say whatever thought pops into his head at any point in time, at least Trump will give interviews where Clinton will not. And if it's Clinton's intent to simply let Trump continue to spout whatever pops into that brain of his, IMHO, she's going to have to start communicating and giving interviews. It's not going to be enough that she stands back, continuing to hope that Trump digs his hole ever deeper because there are simply too many people weary of our political system who look to Trump as the anti-politician, meaning anything he says is far better than anything Clinton says.