07 November 2020

How Voting Margins Changed from 2016 to 2020 Across All 50 States

Colorado had the biggest blue shift since 2016 of any state at 8.7%, increasing the margin by which it voted for Trump from 4.9% to 13.2%. After voting Republican in 14 of 17 elections, it has now voted Democratic in the last 4 elections. It is becoming more like Boulder and less like Colorado Springs, more venture capital, granola and environmentally aware hikers and bikers and less James Dobson's Evangelical Focus on the Family and Air Force Academy.

Alaska had the biggest shift towards Trump at 14.1%.

The US shifted blue by 1%, from Clinton's 2.1% winning margin in 2016 to Biden's winning margin of 3.1%.

The 15 key battleground states shifted blue 1.8%.

As a percentage of their vote, only 9 states gave Trump a higher percentage of their votes in 2020 than they gave him in 2016.

40 states gave him a lower percentage of their votes.

And only Ohio watched Trump for 4 years and then decided not to change a thing, margin-wise, the one state completely unmoved by his presidency.

[Yes. More numbers are still coming in. Yes this could change - likely by increasing the national margin as California lackadaisically counts its votes over the next few weeks between trips to Whole Foods and the beach.]

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