02 March 2007

It's a Tough Job

Project management is often described just this way:

(I don't work for EDS, but I do work as in project management consulting.)


Life Hiker said...

Exactly as I remember it!

The #1 trick is to keep the number of cats to a minimum and make sure they're all spayed or understand they will be if they don't get along.

The #2 trick is to never take them down a trail that's never been traveled by anyone else.

David said...

For cats, going down that path less traveled is what makes them strays. Some do well, others don't. Kind of like humans.

Ron Davison said...

keep them neutered and in well worn paths? That might work but I'm not sure for what (he said scratching his head).

Taking the road less traveled makes one a stray? That must have been in M. Scott Peck's sequel.