24 March 2007

Mitt's Bay of Pig-Latin

From the Boston Herald
In a recent appearance before the Miami-Dade Republican Party, Romney angered Cuban- American officials and activists when he quoted dictator Fidel Castro’s traditional sign-off line “patria o muerte, venceremos” - a Communist rallying cry which is loosely translated to mean “Fatherland or death, we shall overcome.”
[end quote]

Rumor has it that Romney didn't realize that this was Castro's patented sign off for speeches. "Fatherland or death." I mean, it certainly doesn't sound like something a communist despot might say. Fascist, sure. But communist? Who would have thought it?


Anonymous said...

That was a pretty pathetic performance. Poor old Mitt just can't seem to catch a break. I mean after all, what did he do? Roll into town and turn to the only member of his team that could speak spanish and ask for a catchy line or two that'd get the crowd all whipped up into a frenzy? (sounds like it did!)

It kinda reminded me of Hillary's "black face" performance in church the other day.Yeah, yeah I know she was quoting an old negro hymn and we all know how important it is to do that in the historically acurate patois.
The most striking contrast between the two performances was that Hillary's audence ate dat shizzit up fo sho'. " Woo lawdy miss Hillary it sho sounds good to hear ya'll soundin jus like us! Come back 'n campign in our church any time. Don't pay the IRS no mind."
It's also hilariously ironic watching the Castro luvin left make political hay out of someone offending th Cuban-American community. After all any prominant progressive worth their salt quotes Hugo and Fidel on a regular basis.

Ron Davison said...

Anon. (and I've read many a great quote by you).
I'm not sure who in the US quotes Fidel or Chavez. From what I'd heard, Hillary didn't really ingratiate herself to the southern crowd with her bad accent. Makes one suspect that a political campaign is less a matter of standing tall than falling graciously - campaigning as an exercise in recovering from a series of gaffes.

Anonymous said...

"Anon" is actually my first name so you might be giving me credit for quotes that I don't deserve.

Short list of US citizens that have quoted and or consorted with Chavez and Castro: Harry Belfonte, Danny Glover,Oliver Stone, Rep Chrlie Rangel,Rep Maxine Waters, and that dude Cindy Sheehan...I could go on.. Do I need to?

If you've seen the video of Hillary embarrassing performance in front of the "southern" crowd it is clear that they were giving here a standing "O" immediately after her recitation of the hymn. Beyond that, the possibilty that she might have "ingratiated" herself to them is a complete mystery to moi.
Regarding your third point of recovering from these embarassing little incidents I agree whole heartedly. And I do think that Romney's got more of an uphill battle at this point. But Hillary's making alot of her fans kinda nervous and she's certainly got her hands full with Barak "Magic Negro" Obama. And those pesky anti-war protesters just won't leave her alone.