29 March 2007

Today I Hate Google

I'm intrigued to see the words and phrases people use to find R World. I found it flattering and oddly disorientating weeks ago when I was in the top five for searches on "reasons to pull out of Iraq." It felt good to be there between the BBC and MSNBC on such a search and while I found it confusing that a blog getting about 2 readers per week would rank up there with the 2 thousand per nanosecond sites like the BBC, it was a happy confusion. I've shown up at or near the top of the search lists for other curiously esoteric phrases that include mention of such oddities as western civilization, social evolution, or economic goods. I've generally found the search results that result in a hit on R World more curious than offensive. That is, until today.

Today, some poor soul enters the following into google:
98.9% of what i do is motivated by spite and porn
Number one on the search results? R World. Sigh.

Today, I hate google.


Swaroop George said...

an absolutely brilliant blog...

keep up the good work...


Tisha! said...


only today you hate Google!?

I have had a few doozies myself but that last one was well hilarious sorry!

exskindiver said...

98.9% of what i do is motivated by spite and porn

of course i had to test it out and yup, you are right.

tee hee.

Cody McKibben said...

LOL. Sorry to say it Ron, but that is hilarious!

Isn't it funny how search results come in? We all get a few strange ones...

clearthought said...

Nice work.

At least you're up there on search results... Often times when I post something dealing with pop culture — which is rare — I get many hits from that. Now that I don't like.