13 January 2009

In Which Your Blog Author Engages in the Most Juvenile of Musings

Serious studies about humor have shown that ducks have a magical place in the pantheon of joke subjects.

Two ducks on a pond.
One says, "Quack!"
The other says, "Hey! I was going to say that!"

Substitute cows and moo and you have a lesser chuckle. Or so scientists say. And I believe them.

Meanwhile, from the time of childhood, we laugh at farts. The bodies' not-so silent rebellion against civilized behavior, the sudden reminder of our animal nature, the catalyst for a giggle among first graders and staid monks alike.

So, why has no one ever thought to make a comic strip about farting ducks? At this point, I'm considering the name Ferdinand the Farting Duck for my hero. I'm not sure just what kind of adventures he'll get into, but you can bet it'll be funny. He's a duck. He farts. I can't see how this could fail.

Stay tuned.


Big Al said...


I'm now going to attempt the ultimate feat of skill: tying two blog posts together. Yes, it CAN be done!!

I'm thinking you need to have Ferdinand the Farting Duck be Ferdinand the SMART Farting Duck. Think about it . . .

Episode 1: FSFD attends Mildred the Milquetoast Maven's Monday Matzoh & Meatball Meal where upon eating his delicious and oh-so-spicy meal he must fight the evil, smelly fiend Gastro.

Episode 2: FSFD, after having subdued the evil, smelly Gastro, is confronted by Earl and his evil minions in the Elevator, not realizing that he (FSFD) never really defeated Gastro and now must also contend w/Gastro.

There. I've given you 2 episodes already. Please don't forget to send payment. You DON'T want me contacting Collections.

Pinky said...

I will be your first reader. I am already a fan of FSFD. Or FFD, whichever you choose. I am a long-time fan of fart jokes.
I even bought my five year old son a whoopie cushion for Christmas.

I'm also a sadist.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that my second graders would really love a farting duck... they would be reading all day long in between literally rolling around on the floor with uncontrolled laughter. They wouldn't be asking me to try to explain what is funny about a duck that farts either!

Ron Davison said...

You are a beautiful human being. The check is in the mail. Oh, and the idea of exploring different cultures through foods and their resultant discomfort would make for most excellent farting duck adventures.

You got your 5 year old a whoopie cushion? I am suddenly at a loss as to what else a 5 year old would need.

perhaps I could beta test the farting duck adventures in room 18. I like that idea.

ThomasLB said...

Episode 1:

Holden Caulfield: Where do ducks go in the winter?
Duck: Quack! Fart!
Holden Caulfield: Oh, there they are.

Now all we need to do is hire an artist.

Ron Davison said...


Quaker in the Rye! That could be a whole subset of the series - translating the classics into bathroom humor. This whole idea just gets perfecter. Thank you.