05 January 2009

Investors collect profits after last week's rally

I love market coverage. No one could predict Friday's uptick of 3% or today's drop of nearly 1%. They couldn't predict it but the folks who write the articles know exactly why it happened. I find that impressive. Reassuring even. But absurd, mostly.
(And come to think of it, in an attempt at self reflection, I guess that there is no reason why my response to market coverage should be much different than my response to life: left impressed, reassured and with a suspicion that it's at least somewhat absurd.)


cce said...

Was there a rally last week? I missed it. Head in the sand, hands over my ears, eyes closed. I'm sitting this one out. 1%? 3%? It just doesn't seem like enough change in either direction to inspire hope or an even more acute version of my current despair. I've decided not to pay attention for awhile. Maybe one day I'll wake up. That's be nice. It's all but a dream, a bad dream.

Ron Davison said...

So sorry that you're going through that. And you aren't missing anything in regards to rallies - in this market they last about as long as cotton candy in the rain.