21 January 2009


Damon (who recently started a new blog, a smarter world (not, as one might think, an elaborate defense of Hillary's new Smart Power at the State Department) sent some of us an email. The subject line: "irony"

I was quite excited at first glance - thinking that he had found a creative way to greet me - "Hi Ronnie!"

Irony. Hi Ronnie. Sounds so much alike.

And that just might explain so much about me.

Oh. And you might enjoy Damon's posts. He's stopped restraining his urge to comment on all things political.


Damon said...

Wow! Thanks Ron! I'm totally flattered to have made your site! Much appreciated. I know most of your readers will probably disagree with my moderate/conservative leanings, but hey, I read YOUR blog....so...ya know....

I also found it humorous that the only label for your blog entry linking to mine was...."absurd" =)


Anonymous said...

Damon...I'm on my way over...asap!

David said...

I checked it out Ron-O. You're gracious giving young talent a chance and he thinks more like me and Pinky too. What a country.

Damon: about the "absurd" thing. Get used to it.

Ron Davison said...

My pleasure. And as to the label absurd, well, given that I generally find life absurd, you ought to be flattered: it likely means that I find you full of life.

I suspect that you'll enjoy Damon's writing. Come back to visit, though (he shouts after her, doubting that she even heard him).

you've had decades now of getting used to the absurd thing. And you hardly even blink.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll come back. It's never good to surround yourself with all like-minded people (all the time). If we're trying to have intellectual integrity, we ought to at least try to understand how other folks think, right?