21 November 2016

Kanye West's 2020 Campaign

In 2020, Kanye runs for president. The GOP laughs.
He starts winning primaries. The GOP is dismissive. 
He continues to win. "This is outrageous," Republicans say. "He's incoherent. Sure he's famous and rich but he knows nothing and what he does know is wrong. He's rude. He's crude. There is no way he can win." 

The Chinese start dumping internal Trump administration emails. Kanye rises further in the polls. "A communist government is helping him to win! This is incredible!" Republicans protest. 

The few sane people left in the country acknowledge Republican outrage and say, "Wouldn't you think that all of that would make a difference."

"How did we get here," Republicans ask.

"Yeah," we respond. "How did we get here?"

Kanye's 2020 campaign begins

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