03 November 2016

The Economist Slamming Trump and Endorsing Hilary is Like Getting a Fortune Cookie Actually Written in Chinese

"Donald Trump would be a terrible president. We disagree w/ virtually all his policies," says The Economist, a magazine no Trump voter has ever read. It's like the KKK's magazine trying to dissuade Clinton supporters from voting for her. And then of course you have the undecideds, people who obviously protect themselves from all thought and media regarding politics else how could they remain undecided this far into an election this public, divisive and incessantly covered?

Reaching minds - much less changing them - seems futile.

These are insular worlds where opinions from one community are not even heard much less understood, like a muffled foreign language you hear through the wall. 

On one side are people who believe the modern world is better because of a global economy with a free exchange of goods and ideas where race and ethnicity is secondary and nationality is defined by the difficult task of a living conversation and on the other side is a people who believe in global conspiracies where race and ethnicity is all and nationality has already been defined by dead people who have left us the simple task of discerning their original intentions. One side is betting on progress and all of the disruptive uncertainty that it brings and the other is clinging to tradition and the freedom from cognitive dissonance that it promises.

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