16 November 2016

Post-Apocalypse Question

After the apocalypse, when we're hiding from feral animals and hominids, scraping by on 900 calories a day, going months between showers, and living in conditions that would make our ancestors feel nothing but pity, we're going to spend a lot of time reminiscing.

"Do you remember just going into your own house and putting up your feet and getting onto the internet?"
"You could literally find any book, movie, photo, painting, song that existed. And just enjoy it right there in your living room while drinking iced tea."
"And if you wanted to, you could travel to another city or country and you'd still be safe. All over the world, just about, it was safe."
"And we wasted so much time just whining about things. What were we so angry about?"
"I don't remember. Tell me again about getting ice straight out of your refrigerator. Right there in your own home."
"Yeah ...."

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