08 November 2016

Stunning Election Results from San Diego

Today I went into my wife's class and held an election for 23 second graders. 7 year olds, most of them. Everyone at this San Diego city school qualifies for free lunch. The class isn't all Hispanic. There are two African-Americans.

They were intrigued with the process. I let them choose between four candidates: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. We discussed each candidate. I made the argument for each one. (Jill Stein wants to protect the environment, air and water, etc.) We talked about voting and hard choices (broccoli vs. candy), etc. They had some good questions (What's the difference between government and the president?) And opinions. (Trump just wants to make the rich richer.) They certainly know who Trump and Clinton are.

They voted in private at their desk, checking a box next to the candidate and his / her picture and name before folding up their ballot and handing it in.

Johnson, Stein, and Trump had a three-way tie.
Clinton got every single vote.

Nate Silver might dismiss this as both irrelevant and statistically insignificant. I think it's an indication of the trouble Trump faces with Hispanics.

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