08 January 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes? We Don't Need No Stinking Changes!

"Former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee and former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani denied that 'change' should be the theme of the presidential race."
- Washington Times, 7 January

In other words, for Rudy and Fred, there is no apparent reason to change George W.'s policies. Color me stunned. (And perhaps it is not just drug testing that should be administered to our politicians but, additionally, ideology testing. It's obvious that the latter can impede one's perception of reality just as much.)

Polls indicate that between them, Giuliani and Thompson are likely to get fewer votes than projected third-place finisher Mike Huckabee. Maybe the voters of New Hampshire can be trusted to shape this election after all.


Anonymous said...

The ones who do call for change don't really mean it. They just want to rotate the tires; I want a whole new car!

cce said...

I'm not sure about that, thomaslb. I'd like to think that there's quite a few in the race who really see the need for "change". Maybe their intentions are questionable, but they are at least politically savvy enough to understand that only by changing the current situation will the bounce buoyantly beyond the dismal approval ratings our current pres. is enjoying with his total refusal to change anything, even failing policies.

Anonymous said...

After I posted my comment, I suddenly realized that I got the car analogy from an old Dilbert cartoon. If you're curious, it's up over at my place.

Life Hiker said...

Thompson & Giuliani reflect the paucity of choices in the rethug party, and Huckabee is in there for comic relief. At least Romney and McCain are real people with a real record, whatever else they may be.

It really doesn't matter, because our country will be in such a worse mess by November that no republican will have a chance. We just need the right president in '09 to at least provide some leadership toward solving the huge issues that face our great country.

Dave said...

To go further astray from Dilbert, I was going to do a post on "changes" today and gave it up; but, in preparation, a good title is paramount. The song title has four ch's.

Ron Davison said...

at some level, you're right, but at the level that seems most urgent, I do think that a change from what Bush has been up to is a significant change.

given bush's approval ratings, it really is extraordinary that thompson and giuliani would NOT make a claim to change from what george has been up to.

eager to see the republican party get a jolt back to relevance, I hope that they lose by such a major landslide that even the most clueless among them give serious thought to redefining who they are.

like you, I was going to delve deeper into different philosophies on change but was pretty much stopped short by fred and rudy. And, I've taken note of bowie's annuciation - thanks.

David said...

Oh Ron, my how you exaggerate. We're not clueless and like Bush many of us have IQs over 128. We just don't see things like you do and our views are not colored by hatred. That's right, I don't hate Hillary, just her ideas. Even after the Marines who had to tolerate her in the WH told me what a witch she was to deal with, well, it's her ideas I dislike and I hope they're "melting."

Aren't these differences just part of the "grand experiment" you extoll? Just go into contain mode until you can cast your vote and then what will be will be. In other words, get real and relax.

Ron Davison said...

You've become a Thompson supporter? C'mon, not all conservatives are perfectly content with the status quo - in fact, judging from his approval records, I would guess that probably half of conservatives are discontent with George. Get defensive if you want, but I don't know why anyone would waste their breath defending George.