04 January 2008

The Delayed Side Effects of Sonograms

Of course, everything looks so inevitable in retrospect but ...

Last year, Apple's stock doubled. You could have bought 1,000 shares for just under $7,000 in early 2003 and those shares would be worth about $200,000 today.

The iPod seems to have led the revival of Apple. Who would have thought that the generation first discovered by sonogram would become rabid consumers of products that envelope them in sound?


cce said...

I just heard the other day that while families are quick to buy their kids iPods and Wii's and all the trappings, few of these families can actually afford such luxuries - charging their technology purchases and failing to put another dime in the college savings account. So let's hope these wee ones turn out to be the next Chopin or at least, Justin Timberlake, because, only then, can we, as a society, say that these indulgences have served them well.

Ron Davison said...

Or maybe (says Ron, the eternal optimist) those iPods will become little universities where these children will take attend pod-classes that instruct them on how to become lawyers, surgeons, and technetrepreurs, so by "investing" in what appears to be a consumer item, these parents are already checking the box for the investment in college.