04 January 2008

Why We Blog

Our lives begin to end the day we stay silent about the things we care about.

- Martin Luther King

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David said...

I'm disappointed your faithful haven't weighed in here as it's an important quote and topic.

I saw a program on The Book Channel recently about responsibility for accuracy in blogging. I'm not saying you're inaccurate and I'm accurate or vice versa...you have your strong areas of experience as do I and we both have opinions in areas we know little about. The line above this quote that bothered me was this: "I don't know how we can reach any conclusion other than this.." I'll tell you how. Immerse yourself in other facts than those you possess and rid yourself of presumptions.

In this world of conjecture and contentiousness over so many issues, the quote reminded me of my college days when what we thought was graded. Some of what we said or wrote anyway. So who grades us on blogs and what interest or knowledge base do they represent?

I find this blogging fad to be both an interesting and dangerous experiment in communicating. Interesting because we can learn from others (or think we're learning something anyway) but dangerous because we can also demean, call people names, say they're stupid or worse apparently without fear (for now) of reprisal, without worrying about being graded in other words. I've been guilty of this on your blog and I apologize.

We both care very much about America. We have entirely different views about how to nurture and protect it. Going into an election only breeds further dangerous exchanges and I'm going to pull out. I'll read and respond here and there but not about politics. You won't have (me) to kick around anymore. Gee, that sounded familiar.