22 January 2008

Fred Thompson - Another in a Series of Jilted Lovers

They begged him to run. "We need a real candidate," the Republican voters said. "Run Fred, run," they urged.

But once he did, they looked him over once or twice and said, "Nah. I wasn't really all that interested in him. Who else do we have again?"

I was never a big fan of Fred's. This is not about defending the man as a candidate. But he must feel humiliated - like a suitor tricked into a series of tedious tea dates with the aged aunt before hearing that his love interest never was really serious. We all complain about the candidates, but I honestly think that the voters of this country are worse.

Poor Fred - seduced only to be rejected.


Anonymous said...

Four years ago, the Democrats did the same thing to Wesley Clark.

"Dude, you should totally run! That would be awesome!!

Ron Davison said...

I'd forgotten about that, but you're right. Drafted to be shot down. I guess those military analogies for politics make sense.

exskindiver said...

Elephant males supposedly become so lovesick during seduction (also known as the courtship period) that they stop making smart decisions.
(they stop eating).
Female elephants are more level headed.
They choose partners wisely, typically waiting four years to mate.

Perhaps Fred would have had better chances if he were a woman.

Dave said...

With no real knowldge of the courtship, I'd thought it to be the reverse. Coy Fred, waiting and waiting to be wanted. Jumping in and finding that he didn't have much to say, and that Republicans weren't listening to the not much.

Ron Davison said...

Too funny Xsd.
I'm convinced that the process of seduction lowers the IQs of men by about 30 points. This was less of a problem centuries ago when women were kept so secluded from society that their intelligence was repressed and women started with only a slight advantage. Today, when more women than men attend university, women's starting position is already miles ahead of us and the process of seduction nearly guarantees that they'll get experience in child rearing before there is even a chance of conception. Sigh.

yeah, I don't think that Fred was an innocent in this. I suppose it does take an certain kind of arrogance and/or delusion to think that you're able for the job of president, something that might just ensure that we have, at best, questionable candidates. Fred was certainly let it be known that he was eager for the seduction.