02 January 2008

The Escher Expressway

If at first an idea isn’t absurd, there is no hope for it.
- Einstein

Coming home today, coasting downhill, I announce that this is the way to seriously increase gas mileage - simply build all roads to slope downhill.

"There are a few details to work out," I say, "but the general principle is sound."

"You'll have to call it the Escher Expressway," said my wife, Sandi.

I simply can't imagine why this won't work. We may even be able to do away with combustion engines altogether. Needless to say, I'm very excited about this.


Allen said...

But Ron, how would you get the car out of the garage once in?

ThomasLB said...

I have examined the plan thoroughly, and it appears flawless.

Now we need to move this plan into action through Congressional Mandate.

cce said...

I have a feeling that if GWB got a hold of your plan he might make you head of the DOT in a last ditch effort to leave a legacy other than war and environmental degradation.

Ron Davison said...

I have an idea. In 2008, instead of dashing my dreams, why don't you support my delusions?

With comments like this, you may just win my "favorite commentator of '08 award." (Although there is still plenty of time for Allen to turn things around.)

happy new year cce!
I have to laugh because I think you might just be right. I can easily picture George saying, "Every morning, first thing, see, I put on my intelligence briefs and wait for good ideas. The Escher Expressway. It just came to me. I like it."

Allen said...

Oh geez, Ron, I forgot we're talking government policy here . . . in that case, your idea is sound and has much merit. As such I'm awarding you $2 million to set up a investigatory committee to further develop your excellent idea.

Ron Davison said...

May I just say (and lest it make you uneasy, let me assure you that I am writing this in the manliest of fonts) you, Allen, are a beautiful human being.

Beth said...

A coupla observations. An Escher Highway would open up to question the claim we parents make (to our lazy children) of walking uphill both ways to school when we were kids. Can we afford for the young ones to question our credibility?
And, if the proposed legislation has any prayer of making it thru Congress, we need to add some language for the subsidization of automobile GPS systems. From the look of attached Escher drawing, I, personally, will have no hope of ever finding my exit on the Escher Highway.

Ron Davison said...

Good point and congratulations. You now have the subcontract for the escher navigational systems. And your timing could not be better. Just this morning, Allen awarded me a $2 million study contract. I don't know what will be more fun - making this dream a reality or spending Allen's $2 million. I'm just glad you're in.

Anonymous said...

Now hold on there. From the attached link, it certainly seems to me that Escher was inspired by a troop of visiting aliens back in '51, and now you're trying to steal this idea as your own, which is fine as long as you pay them the royalties they're due, and promise to seal the borders so they can't return.