15 January 2008

Monty Python on Politics

Everything you wanted to know about politics (but were afraid to ask).


Toby said...

Quite possibly my favorite part of the movie. Help, Help I'm being repressed!

Ron Davison said...

Hmm. It might just be my favorite part of any movie. I still think that the guys in the "lovely filth" ought to have their own political talk show. Now that would be worth listening to.

cce said...

Just a thought, but next time you make a film from the home office you could bring in actors to play the parts of hired programmers from India. Then a rather average looking young white male programmer who has been recently fired by some large corporation could be brought in and beat up by the Indian man while shouting "Help, help, I'm being repressed."

Ron Davison said...

oh sure, now you tell. AFTER I've spent all that money on the production of the first video (book rental alone was expensive, to say nothing of the make up crew, the camera guy, the under the table bribes to get the striking writers to write ...)