02 June 2008

As the Debt Mounts Up

Memos from the future....

Fellow American.

We in the FBI have been forced to make budget cuts and are no longer able to continue our previous surveillance programs. We've turned them into do-it-yourself programs. We're asking you to do your bit as good Americans and spy on yourself. If you should do anything that looks or seems suspicious, please contact us.

Thank you.


cce said...

I'd be happy to oblige and today I'd be reporting the low grade whine of destructive insects on the rose bush, that we've filed for extension on our taxes and will now need to file an extension on our extension and that a guy named Joe is dropping by to pick up the lawn mower for necessary repair (I am unsure about this Joe-guy and can't even tell what vehicle he's apt to drive). As you can see, the FBI's not missing much by overlooking the Madmarriage household for awhile.

Jennifer H said...

And now, Apple is designing an iSpyPhone.

Ron Davison said...

and yet somehow I can't help but think that you're holding out on us at the FBI - failing to mention how you might, for instance, casually undermining the vice president's authority by questioning him in front of friends and family.

jennifer h,
ispyphone? that sounds mad? I wonder if you fold the phone if the conversation you just had turns out to have had a completely different meaning? (Okay - I might be the only one old enough to remember this page in Mad Magazine.) I'm sure they'll sell well to us clueless males, a decoder for conversations.