14 June 2008

Today's Million Dollar Idea

It seems to me only fair to reward faithful readers of R World with the occasional million dollar idea so, here goes.

Sell "hybrid" metal decals for people to stick onto their cars. Even though this wouldn't change their actual mpg or carbon footprint, it nonetheless would do a great deal to impress the neighbors. Personally, I look forward to being able to buy one to stick onto my 1964 Rambler. I know that the guy down the block would like one for his Hummer.


Jennifer H said...

See, I thought the title said "Today Jennifer Won A Million Dollars," so I jumped right over here. But this idea is pretty darn good, too.

Actually, it's brilliant. George Bush could put these on all his service cars and call it a day.

(Speaking of Georges, did you know that George Clooney replaced the engines in all of his cars with hybrid engines?)

Ron Davison said...

jennifer h.
I think this does have your name on it. (The "h." is for hybrid, no?)
And I'm just glad to know that Clooney is not having to pay as much at the pump each week as the rest of, non-hybrided people.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Don't know why I listen to Buffet when I have you.

HRH said...

You are a genius and I would hug you if you were here or I was there. I am totally going to do this. Do you think people will notice if it is written in crayola fat marker??

Norman said...

Ron, I don't think you realize how brilliant this is.

These will sell. There are large masses of people out there who think that global warming is all a big scam, and for them, this is the equivalent of putting little legs on the Christian fish symbol.

Don't let this one slide by!!!!
Find an angel and put this in play. on it.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be that difficult to do with those magnetic signs that are made to advertise on vehicles. You could even trick the spelling out like HYBIRD, I doubt anyone would even notice!

Shelby said...

That's about the greatest idea since sliced bread! Love it!!

Absolutely love it.. 'specially the idea of putting one on the old rambler.

The Curmudgeon said...

Shelby said I'd enjoy this idea... and I did.

And wouldn't a '64 Rambler by this point be little more than a hybrid of rust, paint and bondo anyway? So it wouldn't even be misleading....