04 June 2008

The Obama Kennedy Ticket

About 8 years ago, Bush appointed Cheney head of a committee to find him a vice president. Cheney could not find anyone better for the job than himself. (This might have been the first clue that he was going to govern with smoke and mirrors: he looked out at the possibilities and could only see himself.)

Today, Obama set up a 3-person committee whose job it is to find him a running mate. One member of that committee? Caroline Kennedy. Obama - Kennedy. How interesting would that be? Man and woman. Political dynasty and political destiny. Black and white. Past and future.

But then again, I'd be surprised if Caroline turns out to be a Dick. I would like to think that she does not confuse conviction and evidence as does our VP. Still, it is hard to imagine a VP selection that would get more coverage. (And should this happen, let the record show that the coverage began here at R World, where idle speculation and a lack of editorial standards beats investigative reporting and careful editing every time.)


Gypsy at Heart said...

...hunches, hunches, they just might take the editorial air out of you. This pairing sounds somewhat wishful with a dash of implausible Ron. Caroline Kennedy - has she ever evidenced a desire to serve in public office? This is the first I hear of it but then, apart from her work with children and literacy, she is one of those extremely rich New York luminaries (to not say socialite since she really does not fall under that heading) who likes to keep a low profile. Still, I wouldn't mind it. In fact, I kinda like it. An Obama - Kennedy ticket would be sure to knock the pacemaker out of McCain's campaign. I heard it here first and that's the story I'll stick with.

Jennifer H said...

Seriously, what do these committees do? Does he really not have a short list, already, of the one or two (maybe three, but I can't think who) people who have a shot in hell of helping him win in November?

I can't say I hate your idea. Even if you would have to wear ruby red slippers and click your heels 3 times to make that wish come true.(Sorry, we've been watching The Wizard of Oz at our house.)

Maybe the committee's job is to sit around and bat idle speculation around like a beach ball. Wait, you're totally on that committee, aren't you? ;-)

exskindiver said...

i am thinking of something intelligent to say. i will be back.

cce said...

Tying himself to the Kennedy name just might not appeal to the narcissist in Obama. I'd like to think he's above being self involved but I've yet to hear of a politician that doesn't suffer from an inflated self opinion. As much as I'd like to believe he'd endure the overshadow in the interest of choosing the best possible candidate, I don't think he'd invite the distraction.

But time will tell...just playing it straight and, like you've said, I bring nothing but idle speculation and lack of editorial standards to my position.

Ron Davison said...

If the story was plausible, it would not find its debut on a blog.

Shhh. I had promised to only speak hypothetically about the nomination process.

Maybe I'll go fishing while I wait.

inflated self opinion? of course he has one. Why else would he run for president. It's the catch-22 of politics: anyone who dares to run for the position is probably too deluded to do well with the job.