12 June 2008

Love or Something Like It

I'm going to miss Thomas at "Living Next Door to Alice." His computer was taken out by lightning and he decided to use that as reason to stop blogging. Thomas had this delightfully unique blend of outrage and whimsy, idealism and practical that inevitably made me smile when I stopped in to visit. And he found gems like this:

Thomas, I hope that your travels beyond the Internet off-ramp treat you well and I'm glad that we got to be neighbors for a time here in the blogosphere.

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Lifehiker said...

I,too, am mourning at the loss of ThomasLB in the blogosphere. In a world characterized by toughness, conformity and complexity, Thomas exemplified gentleness, individuality, and simplicity.

Thomas had an uncanny ability to find really interesting products produced by others, but his own posts were filled with wisdom, reasonable outrage, and pseudo-subversive "revolutionary" words (Thomas wouldn't kill a fly).

I never met Thomas, but he will always be my friend. And we are so different...