24 June 2008

Today's $100 Idea

Okay, so maybe this idea won't generate the same revenue as last week's million dollar idea, but the possibility amused me nonetheless.

At a certain age, infants are fascinated by their own toes. As near as I can tell, they've yet to figure out that the movement of their feet is connected to anything they do, and at times kids will watch enraptured by the movement of their feet. So, why not a product that takes advantage of this?

I'm proposing a new use for the familiar sock puppet. Why not put character faces on the socks and / or shoes of kids who are stuck in car seats? Their dramatic experience can be enhanced by sound effects - it shouldn't take too much technology to make either a "POW!" sound of violence or the "SMACK!" sound of romance whenever the two feet collide. Done right, I suspect that this could keep kids of a certain age amused for tens of minutes.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Fake hybrids, Microsoft opportunities of yesteryear, sock puppets... I can sense you're on to something here Ron even if I don't precisely what. Gotta be careful with the buttons on the socks though. Swallowing hazard don't you know and then, were would all the brilliantly won millions be?

cce said...

Just last night while waiting through a Major League rain delay at Fenway, I could've used a pair of dry socks and some entertainment. Slap a Bosox hat on that sock puppet and you've really got yourself an idea. And, when there's nothing to do but drink beer while waiting for the storm to pass, well, this just helps grown people sink to the level of infant fascinated by their own feet. There was a guy next to me who was really not capable of more than a toe wiggle by the fifth inning.

Life Hiker said...

Love the idea, Ron.

And for adults who've seen their feet get uglier and uglier as they grow older, maybe some socks that look like beautiful feet, just slightly larger.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It might make some bucks, Ron; it may also create a generation of folks with foot fetishes.

Jennifer H said...

Heck, those would entertain me for tens of minutes.