07 June 2008

Recently Seen & Heard

Behind me on the plane, the flight attendant colleting garbage was asked, “Do you take newspapers?”
“I prefer cash,” she responded, “but I’ll take newspapers.”
In a distinctly southern drawl, he said, “Well, I would but all my money is tied up in change.”

On T-shirts

Q: Do men over 50 wear boxers or briefs?
A: Depends.

I’m out of my mind
(Please leave a message)

Bumper sticker in employee parking lot.
(All in pictures):
Nixon minus Brains = Bush


Jennifer H said...

Depends...that's funny. I'll get a chance to use that one later, since my husband is 59. And at my mercy.

Love the Bush bumper sticker.

Glad you noticed all these, and remembered to share them. Do you usually remember things this well, or do you have to write them down?

I know, I know. Depends.

Ron Davison said...

Sadly, I have a pre-google memory. I actually carry things around in memory rather than access them via web searches.

Gypsy at Heart said...

I liked the OUT OF MY MIND one. Started making pancakes and on remembering, I chuckled out loud. Slurped my coffee and laughed some more. There must be a reason why it resonates so much with me since I'm writing you this comment and I'm still laughing like someone's tickling my funny bone.

I'll award the Nixon - brain = Bush one second place in the laugh-o-meter.

Ron Davison said...

Oh, just one more thing, Jennifer. You could put down any age for a husband and follow it with ... and at my mercy. We just are.

I think that we've all been there, on both sides of that problem. Out and also trying to leave a message when no one is home.