02 October 2008

Biden - Palin Pre-Debate Analysis

This is a messy and complex world. One might be inclined to think that in a debate about such a world the advantage would go to a person able to deal with and talk about such complexity (and by that I mean Joe Biden). This might not be true.

If your audience is easily confused by complexity, the simpler answers are more likely to gain their approval. People don't judge words by their accuracy - they judge them by how comprehensible they are.

The conventional wisdom is that the vague generalities, ignorance, and simple worldview of Sarah Palin is going to give her a distinct disadvantage tonight. I'm not so sure. Such simplifications and vague reassurances might be just what many voters are looking for.

My prediction? Palin will come across as vague and simplistic as the pundits are predicting, but it won't hurt her in the polls.


Suzanne said...

Palin is doing better than she did in those Couric interviews. But it's pretty clear that Biden is the person better prepared to take over the presidency in the case of an emergency.

Ron Davison said...

She did really well - compared with expectations. She did not, however, convince me or most Americans that she is ready for the job. Better than expected - still not good enough.