06 October 2008

It Must Be Monday Miscellany

I've never admitted this before, but I am oddly encouraged by fortune cookies. I think that news outlets should include fake news each day on the front page that leaves readers feeling similarly warm and encouraged, so we would not have to eat so much Chinese food simply to be reassured of our hidden potential.

George Bush continues to show the magic touch. He signs the bailout bill and investors promptly do just that - bailout of the market in record numbers. My projected retirement date seems to move out another 6 months every two days of late. There is, apparently, no truth to the rumor that John McCain said, "We'll leave workers in cubicles as long as we need to. I don't care if it is 100 years."

I went to high school in the 70s. You know what we called classic rock and roll music? Rock and roll.

A friend of ours recently had a baby. She said that lots of family was in the delivery room, and confessed "I was past shame." "Yes," I told her. "People are far too squeamish about such things. These are just facts of life. We actually invited family and friends in to witness the conception."

I got a booklet from my darling wife's 2nd grade class Friday - a tardy delivery of their happy birthday cards for me. My favorite snippets?
"... how odd are you?" (I'm pretty sure she was asking about my age.)
"I like your jock because at the end you said look theres a batman that was so funny."

And really, how odd is it to wear a jock in public and say, "hey, look! there's batman!" After just a couple of visits, these kids seem to have my number.


exskindiver said...

wearing your underpants on the outside of your tights does not make you odd--it just makes us squeamish about making eye contact with you.

texasholly said...

I felt at home here at this post. How odd are you?? So cute.

Gypsy at Heart said...

A happy fortune cookie of a post if I ever read one. Also a needed respite from all the unhappy, tough on the soul reading I've been doing lately. As ever, you deliver the goods Ron.

And those belated happy birthday cards? Priceless. I wish that we could all have some of Sandi's children be ours too.

cce said...

I'm gone months, months, I say, and you're still talking about fortune cookies? I'm glad some things don't change and you can still manage to make me smile.

exskindiver said...

CCE, be glad he is just talking about fortune cookies...
he could have been ranting about politics.

Ron Davison said...

besides, when I'm wearing my mask you can't really see my eyes. My super hero outfit is the one reason I am a second grader's role model.

I can imagine that kids have asked you that same question - or variations on it.

I'm guessing that there are days when Sandi might gladly rent them out and try blogging for a day instead.

welcome back! Yeah, well, my Chinese horoscope for this year suggested that I discuss fortune cookies whenever possible.

it is not ranting if you are actually right.

Pinky said...

Ron, as long as you're not selling your stocks, just don't look! ;-)
That's my policy.
That's what I keep telling my hubby.

Salubrina said...

yes, i feel at home here.

had a parent once that wrote me a note, saying she was going to call the "super attendant" on our school.

um, okay. i can live with that.

the super attendant. nice.

Ron Davison said...

Don't look? Now you give me this advice?

Welcome to R World and thanks for coming by. And that is funny. My mother, tired of my absences in high school, once wrote me a note that said, "Please excuse Ron. He was not at school yesterday."