13 October 2008

Why Does Obama Hate Jesus?

Obama has been criticized for his lack of patriotism. To mitigate charges that he hates America, he wore a flag pin during his last debate. It would be hard to find better proof that he does love this country. I, like many of his tentative supporters, feel relieved by this.

But it does raise another question. He was not wearing a cross. Before I cast my vote for him, perhaps he could explain why he hates Jesus.


Big Al said...

And where's that Star of David? Don't see one of those, either. Hmmm . . . this probably confirms he is indeed a Muslim and hates Jews. EGADS!! Could he be Palistinian, per chance? Or, horror of horrors, the fact that there's *NO* religious symbol of any type on his lapel . . . could he be . . . gasp! . . . an Atheist? OH MY! We can't be having any of this!

I think we need a special commission, post haste, to investigate immediately, if not sooner.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Funny. I do feel compelled to point out that there might be some who'll think you are being serious here and therefore qualify that I'm NOT, when in the spirit of this post I get all Alice in Wonderland on you by saying: "Off with his lapel!"

Ben said...

I have to admit I felt a twinge of bitterness that he wore a flag.

David said...

He's Muslim Ron, that's easy. No cross permitted but I will be surprised Wed if he's not wearing an acorn.

Petri Fam said...

Well...here goes. I'm jumping into the Lion's Den with nary a brain to defend myself. (I've always refused to engage in any form of debate with Ron, because when it's my turn to voice my opinion, I am still translating Ron's thoughts into my own layman's English, and marveling at his oratory when of a sudden I notice that it's my turn).

I would seriously love to know, if history could teach us if the exchange of moral standards as a nation, for the sake of liberal judgment would have little effect, no effect or a profound effect on a nation's position as a world leader. (Is it France that laughs at the "prudishness of America"?)

No question about it, we've painted ourselves into the proverbial corner with the Credit Crisis but if polled, should we declare that we will trade morality in the Palace for a balanced budget over the land?

No, I don't believe that Mr. Obama is the Anti-Moral ... I just see so many disregards from the party that has chosen him, for moral standards and an anxious willingness to blend the lines between sanctity in relationships, that I wonder where this course will lead us if we all just become homogeneous in our disregard of right and wrong.

I'll take your thoughts off the air. :o)

David Petri

exskindiver said...

petri sure could dish it out...

Ron Davison said...

sooner than immediately is always a good idea. It suggest access to a time machine which I've always wanted.

Very funny. And yes, satire is always dangerous - one can be taken wrong or, worse, be completely understood and found un-amusing.

I shook my head along with you.

having read your comment here at R World, Obama addressed your concerns about acorn tonight.

moral conservatives have always been outraged at progress. The Catholics tried to tamp down the Dutch protestants who let riff raff into their ports and became rich enough to fend off the Spanish Empire. In San Francisco, per capita income is 50% higher than the rest of the nation. Morality matters - religion not so much.

Very clever.