28 October 2008

Hope for Scandal

Next week, an entire industry will disappear. For about two years, analysts have predicted and explained the political campaigns. Printers and advertisers have been busy putting together flyer's, ads, and radio spots. In one week, all of that will be over.

The bad news is that millions of jobs will be gone overnight. The only good news for the economy is that most of these were volunteer jobs.

Worse, for the last 16 years, our media has been moved along by a sense of outrage. First it was Bill Clinton's penis and then George Bush's brain that enabled news analysts and columnists and talk show hosts to express outrage and feign understanding. The growth in 24 hour news channels, on-line news, and talk radio has been one of the only bright spots in this American economy.

We can only hope that - for the sake of big media - whoever gets elected manages to find himself in a scandal soon. Maybe McCain, if elected, could invade Vietnam or Obama - striking fear in the hearts of whites who are a afraid of a black take over - might outlaw polka. We can only hope. For the sake of the economy.


Anonymous said...

As a last resort, we could always spring O.J.

Suzanne said...

My only bright spot is that the end of the election might mean that I will stop watching political news commentary 24/7 as I have been for the past twelve months. Otherwise, I'm afraid my family is going to stage an intervention.

exskindiver said...

you did not say penis.
my kids read your blog!!!!
now this, this is a scandal.

Ron Davison said...

how do you so succinctly get to the point? This single act could help to shorten the recession by months.

So you are saying that the strategies for coping with withdrawal from this coverage might itself be a small industry? I had not thought of that. I feel more hopeful.

I guess I should have been more vague but I'm not sure that it would have been clear enough if I had merely said, "the two presidential organs that have caused Americans the most consternation over the last 16 years."