28 August 2009

Bill Gates' Big Dilemma

I would like to think that when Bill Gates was deciding what to do with his fortune, in the end his two choices came down to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and adopting the lifestyle of Bruce Wayne, fighting crime at night with the best technology money could buy.

Perhaps if Steve Ballmer had been more like Alfred.

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Big Al said...

You know, Ron, maybe the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is really only a front? Maybe Bill does indeed live the lifestyle of Bruce Wayne? Now the only question is whether *that* Bruce Wayne lifestyle is the Adam West version or the more modern-day Christian Bales version?

And why is it we haven't seen sidekick Robin since the one movie where Chris O'Donnell was Robin to Val Kilmer's Batman? Can't they convince any actor to be Robin? Or maybe they could get a female to be Robin, with the twist being it's a female portraying a male? Since they're calling Batman the "Dark Knight", with a Robin story-line like that we'd find out just how "Dark" of a person Batman really is?