04 August 2009

Julia Child's Secret Food Source

In her last years, Julia Child lived in Santa Barbara. A buddy of mine is a food lover and amazing cook who lives in Santa Barbara and was intrigued when she volunteered in an interview that she had a favorite place in town for hot dogs. A special place.

He asked a mutual friend to inquire with Julia to learn what exotic place would win Julia over to the lowly hot dog. It would obviously be a dive with a story or a fine dining option that had gone retro in its menu. He was quite curious.

His friend came through with the inside scoop. Julia's special place for hot dogs? Costco.


Ben said...

That's because those $1.50 hot dogs at Costco are little miracles in a bun.

Lifehiker said...

I wonder if they're "Hebrew National". That's a good hot dog!