23 August 2009

Hurtling Myself Belly First Onto the Bandwagon - Little League World Series Reporting

I live in Chula Vista, CA. Because of our local Little League All Star team, more people have now heard of it. (Second biggest city in San Diego County - located halfway between downtown San Diego and Tijuana, along the coast - or Bay, actually.)

Here are some stunning stats for the kids, only two games into the Little League World Series and just qualified for the quarterfinals today. Scrap all the "long way to go" talk and let's look at what they've done so far.

* They scored 113 runs and hit 45 home runs in the seven games before today's
* In tonight's game, they scored 12 runs with 11 hits (in just the sixth inning)
* Chula Vista now has a World Series-leading 10 home runs. The record for most home runs in a Little League World Series is 13, by Hawaii in 2005. Chula Vista, it is worth reminding you, is only 2 games into the opening round.
* The scores for their first two games in the World Series? 15-0 (a game stopped by the 10 run mercy rule) and 14-0.

They call these kids the Blue Bombers. I guess it helps to have a 6', 205 pound 13 year old who can pitch shut out ball and bat 1.000, but I'm pretty sure all this just reflects on who we are. While other communities debated the efficacy of putting fluoride in the water, we've been experimenting with the proper mix of steroids and human growth hormone. If we can repeat this for a couple more years, we might just have a formula worth marketing.


Big Al said...

A 6'2", 205 lb 12-year-old? Is Scott Boras his agent?

And I'm guessing everybody and their brother is asking for an official copy of the kid's birth certificate.

Lifehiker said...

Major League!

Big Al said...

Ron, I'm very sad that Chula Vista lost this evening to the boys from Texas. I watched the game. It was amazing how Texas held the power of Chula Vista. But to be honest, I think the home plate umpire was quite generous in his strike zone as it seemed to be a little extra-wide. But give credit to the boys: they didn't complain or squabble. As most/all Little League players do, they just played the game with all the heart and soul they had.