01 August 2009

Not Every Post Has a Good Reason to Exist

A business idea: why not launch a web site that does movie reviews of movie previews for people who are too busy to watch even the full preview?


Yesterday, Sandi said to this little boy who was all decked out in plastic knight's armor and play sword, "Wow! You look so medieval."
"I'm not evil," he protested.
"I mean you look like a real knight," she tried to clarify.
"I'm not a real knight," he began to strip off his plastic armor to show her. "I'm a fake! See! I'm just a boy named Robert!"
True story.
I can't help but wonder if this degree of honesty will help or hurt him in a relationship later in life. "No! I didn't say those jeans made you look good. I said that they don't make you look as fat as the other pair."


I was at the Denver airport Thursday amazed at how large we've become as a nation. Fat is the new norm, I thought.
Yesterday I was at the beach and saw an abundance of beautiful, fit bodies.
And then I realized that we have no new norm. Or perhaps I should say that variety is the new norm. Or maybe it is just that all the people headed to the beach were connecting through a different airport.


I'm not saying that she was a control freak but as we walked past her on the beach I could not help but notice that the tattoo on her lower back was a set of instructions.


Overheard at the beach.
"How much did this beach vacation cost?"
"Including the breast job?"


Okay, I made up those last two reports. So sue me. I didn't say I'm a reporter. I'm a blogger.


slouchy said...

That little boy was so funny! I love kids.

Gypsy at Heart said...

I'm wondering why the excessive concern with not being taken for an evil and REAL knight... My own bloodthirsty child would have been utterly thrilled at Sandi's comment. Probably would have tried poking a thing or two to prove how medieval he truly is.

Yes, the skinny people do use specialized airports. They go through pinhole security check points, sit in extra narrow seats and fly in cigar-width airplanes wearing ultra skinny jeans. I'm thinking that if Swift were to rewrite Gulliver's travels, he might rethink his Brobdingnags and Lilliputs for something more in tune with our weight obsessed times.

Instructions for what I wonder...

The last one is my favorite after the non-knight.

Lifehiker said...

Recently on a short vacation to the beautiful "Thousand Islands" I stayed at a place where lots of people could park their cruisers and eat dinner or stay overnight. Those folks were fit and thin.

Then we toured Alexandria Bay, the tourist trap, and took a sightseeing tour on a large boat. We were amazed at the number of obese tourists, even obsese families! Lots of middle aged people couldn't walk up a few stairs at Boldt Castle without stopping to catch their breath.

Yes, we are weight-obsessed. We can't get enough of it!