15 November 2006

500 Years of Modern Science and Still No Way To Un-Scramble an Egg

I don't know why someone doesn't just come out to say, about Iraq, that there is no way to fix the wreck. Sometimes in life things are bungled so badly that they can't be fixed. Perhaps there is no exit strategy, no means to achieve success, not even a stable definition of success. Perhaps we've simply opened a Pandora's Box that can't be closed.

Until the moderates admit this, the neocons will continue to defend their policies from change with the claim that, "They haven't got a plan to improve things," where the "they" is the moderate Republicans and Democrats who oppose their policies. As long as moderates deny that this may be beyond repair, they continue to leave themselves open to the "They haven't got a plan" accusation.

Enough already. The drunk slumped behind the wheel is right; we don't know how to repair the car he has so badly wrecked. That doesn't mean that he should get to keep driving.

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