27 November 2006

el goog - the reverse search engine

Google works by pointing us to the most popular sites. It basically encourages conformity of thought by herding us all in one particular direction on any given topic. It has become the new traffic cop of thought and research.

Because of this, I propose a reverse google - "el goog" - as a means to counter its force. El Goog would point you in the direction of fringe theories, dissident opinions, and marginalized thinkers. Where google might begin with a refernce to Wikipedia or the BBC, El Goog would point you to sites that explain conspiracy theories. It might simply sort the sites returned by means of a random priority algorithm.

El Goog! Resist the herd mentality.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed finding your "on the fringe" blog. This is the first day I've ever looked at a blog or commented. Nice to see such intelligent discussion in cyberspace.